Cargo Safety System: your transport always safe

Despite the fact that the phenomenon of goods theft on the road is an increasingly important problem, unfortunately it continues to go unnoticed and, therefore, not much analyzed. In fact, the transport of goods has always been strongly affected by huge losses due to several thefts by organized gangs.

In order to understand the problem better, a first report carried out by the European Parliament estimated about 8 billion euros of losses per year. Some experts say that in the last two years this figure seems to have increased, reaching around 12 billion euros a year in stolen goods. However, according to TAPA EMEA - the main organization that deals with transport security in Europe, Middle East and Asia - the number of crimes reported directly to the Incident Information Service has grown exponentially by about 115% per year. This is a frightening figure that only aggravates an already worrying situation.

It is therefore a problem that grows in the shadows of silence and creates a deafening echo of fear among logistics companies that - by now - are no longer able to insure and protect their loads of goods. This phenomenon affects all European and non-European countries. In particular, more than 94% of reported thefts come from major powers such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Belgium and South Africa, the only non-European country on the list.

Among the most stolen goods, first and foremost are food and pharmaceuticals. Then, closely followed by furniture, household appliances, tobacco, clothing and footwear, hygiene articles and cosmetics.

After more than ten years of experience gained in the field of smart home, with particular attention to its safety, Freedompro decided to explore a new concept of transport protection to help the logistics industry.

Designed to offer maximum safety, traceability and control for logistics, Cargo Safety System allows for live control, scheduling and modification of cargo movements and permissions to manage it. Moreover, the system provides for real-time notifications to alert users about events occurring during transport.

To complete the service offered by Cargo Safety System there is the real device that physically prevents break-in attempts: Cargo Safety Lock. It's a smart lock that can be installed on the tailgate of the vehicle.

Cargo Safety Lock is a Plug & Play device that combines safety, resistance and quality to achieve total control of the load. After installing the Cargo Safety Lock device on the hatch of the vehicle, the Cargo Safety System portal is immediately ready to work. The dashboard, in fact, will show all the vehicles equipped with the device to which you can access or give access, depending on the role you hold.

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